Champagne Thursday!

 I love the term “Champagne Thursday” which I stole from Zooey Deschanel! You know the weekend is right around the corner, so why not have a little bubbles and cook!  Today I went Mexican which I NEVER DO!!! I am not a big Mexican food fan but I love homemade tacos with homemade guacamole and tons of Habanero hot pepper cheese! And don’t kid yourself an ENTIRE bottle of Cholula hot sauce!  Also making another batch of Homemade Snickers (recipe on my home page).  So whatever you make tonight for dins, or prepare for this upcoming College Football Weekend……HAVE SOME DAMN BUBBLES!!!  Its makes it a lot more fun!  Slainte! xo

Paula Deen Y’ALL!

Have you ever watched any of Paula Deen’s cooking shows?  If you haven’t you are missing out!  Now talk about being sassy in the kitchen!  With all her “y’alls” and laughing with her grown boys (who cook like the wind blows) it makes me want to call my momma and ask her if I can just be adopted by the Deen family so in between my sideline gigs I am in the kitchen with her!  So, I want to be one of her team bloggers.  Do you think I have what it takes?  I hope so, look at my food posts on my home page and let me know!  For now just keep your fingers crossed.  🙂