Burger in a BOWL! (for you carb conscience peeps)

If any of you have ever been to The Counter,(Los Angeles)  ya know where Im going!. Also this is a great recipes for dudes who like to make burgers.  Annnnnd for all you carb counters, THIS is an amazing way to have a burger for lunch or dinner and make it you OWN and healthy.  Its sooooooo easy. This is my version you may add what ever you like to your bowl and eat on peeps.  Eat on!

-I take 80/20 burger and add a squeeze of Sweet Baby Rays BBQ sauce, a dash of Choulula, liquid smoke and Salt&Pepper

-Mix it all together and make patties (make a pinkie hole in middle this will keep burger from shrinking!) plus it will close

-Chop up Romaine, Kale, Butter or any kind of lettuce you want

-Chop up what you want on your burger (I did red pepper, tomatoes, cucumbers and snap peas)

-cook your burger…..(grill or stovetop) Today I did stovetop because I wanted that crusty pan flavor

-Assemble everything in bowl and place your burger on top with whatever dressing you like (I did a sesame ginger dressing)

VOILA!! NO BUNS  and no extra padding on YOUR BUNS!

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