Mushroom Toasts

One of my favorite appetizers I found in Cooking Fresh magazine but I changed it a little.  They had Morel toasts but I found it more tasty with a combo of Crimini, Shitake, and Portabello mushrooms.  I also played around with the creme fresh a little.  See below.

-Heat 2Tblsp + 1Tblsp butter in pan

-add 3 gloves of pressed garlic

-saute for about a min

-add 2 lbs assorted mushrooms rough chopped

-add few shakes salt (saute mushrooms for about 8 mins)

-add 1tsp. of thyme

-add about 3/4 c creme fresh (if you don’t have any use a big scoop of sour cream + a scoop of cream cheese)

-let simmer on low for a few min

-pastry brush olive oil on baguette slices (bake 350 for about 4 min)

-scoop spoonful onto each baguette and top with grated parmesan cheese if desired

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