Naan-alicious! (Dare you to eat just one bite!)

My big, scary 7 ft former NBA playing boyfriend and I LOVE cheese and wine for dinner.  We often pour some heavy hitter Napa Cabernet and will just lay out a few cheeses and some crackers.  But I wanted a little bit more than crackers, something with some depth.  So I saw a pack of Naan at Trader Joes and thought “I can do something with that!”  So I literally just made this and had to RUSH to post it.  It only takes 8min.  That’s 8 minutes to heaven my friends!!!

-lay naan on baking sheet, brush with olive oil

-grate habanero  pepper cheese onto 2 of them.

– the other one lightly shake some California style garlic salt

-Broil for 4-5 min, watch so they don’t burn

-Cut and serve yourself utter happiness


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