Orgasmic Artichoke Ravioli w/ Brown Butter and Truffles

I have been cooking for a long time but these little beauties are probably THEE best thing I have made to date.  I love truffles and you can only get them in the fall to late January.  But a little way to cheat and have them all year long is to buy truffle salts and butters.  So i wanted a yummy ravioli with velvety taste and when I finished these I could believe how incredible they turned out. OMGGGGGGG  GOOD!!!!

-14oz can of artichoke hearts (completely dried, I turn them upside down on paper towel)

-finely chop all of them, add a couple Tblsp of chopped parsley

-add 3 Tblsp of marscapone cheese

-add 3 Tblsp of finely grated Irish white cheddar cheese

-add a tsp of truffle butter (NO more its very powerful)

-salt and pepper to taste

-mix all in a bowl and take about a teaspoon of filling and place on a wonton wrapper

-whisk an egg in a bowl and with pastry brush, paint edges around filling and place another wrapper on top

-seal the edges

-bring water to boil while you melt 1/2 stick of butter and 2 Tblsp of parsley in a pan

-drop a couple of raviolis into boiling water for about 4 min

-add a PINCH of white truffle salt to melted butter and let it brown

-gently take out ravioli and quickly slip it into brown butter sauce and put on plate (**DONT OVERCOAT, just slip in and out)

-top with grated parmesan cheese and parsley for garnish


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