What are ya…..chicken? SALAD!

I know its fall but its been so hot and sometimes you don’t want soup or a hot heavy lunch or sandwich. Soooooooo I made a VERY easy and tasty Chicken Salad.  Eat alone or put on a sammy.  Either way its light and yummy and I have my best friend Rachel’s mom Este to thank for turning me onto chicken salad.  Love you, you little 4’8″ shrimp.

-Bake 3 boneless, skinless chicken breasts in the oven at 350 for about 30 min.

-Chop chicken into desired bite size pieces

-Chop about 1/4 c red onion. (add more if you like, i don’t care for it so I add  just a little)

-Chop a stalk of washed, cleaned celery

-Chop approx 1 cup (I add 1 1/2 cups) black seedless grapes (darker the fruit sweeter the juice)

-Put all in big mixing bowl, pepper to taste if you like

-Add about 1/2 c or less of mayo.  If you want it creamier add more

-Mix and serve!

chix salad 1

chix salad 2

chix salad 3

chix salad 4

chix salad 5

chix salad 6

chix salad 7


this is Este....i love her

this is Este….i love her

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