You Little Devil Eggs

Fall always makes me crave Deviled Eggs.  Whether its a football game or a dinner party they always seem to vanish. So here is one of my ways to make them.  HINT: **to get best/non broken smooth pretty eggs, heat them up SLOWLY &  cool them down FAST** Here’s how:

-Place eggs (8 or 9)  in pan 1st then fill to cover with COLD water

-Place on stove and bring to boil

-Boil for about 8 min

-Take off stove and immediately place under COLD running water (I then put them in fridge)

-Peel, cut lengthwise and put yokes in bowl and whites on cutting board

-Add 3to4 Tbsp of Mayo and 3 Tbsp of mustard and few turn of fresh pepper

-SECRET ingredient: Garlic Salt and Worchester (just like 3 or 4 shakes each.)

-I add a pinch of my fav vegetable spice blend.   Mix all together

-Fill whites and I LOVE Lawreys as a topper with pinch of same veggie spice blend.

*I love to add finely chopped pancetta to these but I just made plain ones for you add pancetta or bacon even cheese!

SERVE and enjoy. (even my cat was meowing her head off for one)

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