2013 GFGFGWGT (Explanation below)







I haven’t blogged in a while. Sorry, lots of changes for 2013.  New kitchen, new food, new drinks and a new love for the loyal, amazing people in my life.  You know the old saying, Good Food, Good Friends, Good Wine, Good Times?  Well thats exactly what 2013 will be for Jillybdelicious!  So excited to embark on a new journey and bring in all kinds of new recipes and try them out on some of the amazing new friends I have met.  Also throw in a sprinkle of family in there from time to time.  🙂  I don’t make resolutions because I like to challenge myself to be better and live right everyday. So I just have a little thought to leave you with:  Look at the family and friends around you, be grateful for the ones who do what they say and say what they mean and are loyal.  Cherish those people. Cook for or with them, drink and laugh with them as much as you can. The memories will be invaluable. Life is too short to deal with bullshit and betrayal.  Laugh.  Live . Love.  SLAINTE.