Welcome to JILLYBDELICIOUS!!  With a name like that, nope its not a porn site as some friends were fearing!  I’m just a little Irish girl with a passion for food and sports.  When I am not stalking the sidelines for ESPN, NBC and FOX, I am in my favorite place: THE KITCHEN!  Cooking has always been something I found creative and fun.  Those of you who have dined with me know its all about good food, and great company.  So sit back, grab a cocktail and take a look around at some of my own favorite recipes as well as some from MY favorite chefs.  I hope you enjoy what you see and better yet, taste! Slainte! 

A little bit about me….I grew up in Montana and always had a flare for the dramatic. Whether it was playing sports, fighting with my sisters or making up stories to get out of trouble.  I was a total Tomboy, an athlete through college and competed as a U.S. Track & Field athlete into my 30’s.  Food has ALWAYS been a passion of mine.   My mother cooked, my stepmother baked and I paid attention.  The more I cook the more I want to learn.  So here we are, making a lot of  food, a few mistakes, some damn good cocktails and a hell of a time making lasting memories.  I really hope you enjoy!

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