Its been a LONG time coming but now, in the Fall of 2015, JILLYBDELICIOUS is back from the dead.  A new outlook on food, cocktails and most importantly FUN!.  I want to thank all my friends for pushing me back to blogging about one of my biggest passions: FOOD!

So come check in from time to time and see what I’m whipping up in the kitchen.  Its football season and the holidays are approaching fast.  There are lots of yummy ideas on here already for both.  MORE to come! If you have any questions EMAIL me at (don’t post a comment b/c that section has a bug & its getting fixed)

xoxox Jill

What goes around comes around!!!


Well, I haven’t blogged in many months as I have been more like Christopher Columbus and moving around making discoveries. But now……IM BACK! Back where I belong in Southern Cal doing what I love the most: Cooking.  And yes all you fools that have dined and drank lots and lots of red wine are allllllllllll invited back.  Wines West has re-opened and planning some very yummy meals and get togethers for all of us to make NEW memories as well as share and laugh our asses off at the old ones.  So those that are new, welcome and those that are old, you know the drill. Come eat, drinnnnnnnk and be mer——sleep over if you get too drunk!  Lets have a great next year!  xoxoxoxo