Brine! Don’t whine!

Nothing worse than dry turkey on Thanksgiving.  If you want to guarantee a juicy, succulent, moist and deliciously flavored turkey……BRINE IT!  Super easy, just takes some planning.  I did mine tonight so I have at least a full 48 hours.  You can do it the day before if you wish, but if you are like all the rest of us you are up at the ass crack of dawn Thanksgiving morning cooking so try this brine below.

I used a 16 qt brand new clean bucket. Make sure turkey is completely thawed if you use frozen.

My turkey is FRESH and just over 17 pounds (make sure its not already injected with a solution)

You have to make sure the turkey is completely covered so if you have a smaller turkey just cut this recipe in half.

-add 2 gallons of water into a bucket

-completely clean and wash turkey take out all neck and gizzards etc

-add 1/2 c sugar

-add 2 cups of KOSHER salt

-stir til dissolved

– add a rough chop 8 cloves of garlic, 1 1/2 yellow onion, 1 orange, and a shallot

-add a handful of chopped parsley and oregano and peppercorns

-add 2 Tblsp of Marjoram and Herbs de Provence

-give a quick stir and then add turkey SLOWLY, you don’t want your water to overflow

Put in fridge and turn over after 24 hours.(if you brine more than the day before)

On day of cooking take out of brine and completely rinse and pat off with paper towel.

Cook your turkey per your poundage directions.





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