Fabulous Fall Sangria

If you don’t like Sangria…..get the hell off my site right now! 🙂 Sangria is usually too sugary sweet to me & if you drink more than one glass you wake up with a headache the size of Cuba the next day.  NOT TODAY!  I searched the web, and did some research and combined a few likeable recipes and here is what I came up with……

Combine all in a huge glass container: (This will serve a party of 15 people)

-Thinly slice apples and pears

-add a couple dashes of cinnamon and nutmeg

-throw in a cinnamon stick and a palmful of cloves

-pour in 10 oz of Damiana liquer

-pour in 4 oz of Contreau

-pour in a 6 oz bottle of pineapple juice

-pour in 4 bottles of Savingnon Blanc (moderate quality, don’t use shitty white wine)

**mix all together and put in fridge overnight**

NEXT day:

-pour in 3-4 bottles of decent Champagne (depending on taste)

-add one can of Ginger Ale

-add 1/2 can of Sprite

-slice fresh apples and pears and add to wine glassed with ice.

SERVE AND ENJOY! Weeeeeeeeeee!

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