Gooooood GRAVY momma!

Ok I love love love brown gravy, especially on French Fries!  A lot of gravy is too salty so I barely added salt and I used both Beef broth and Beef Stock! Yummmmmo! (*best Rachel Ray voice*)  Here ya go:

-melt 1 stick of butter in pan

-stir in 1/2c of flour and whisk together until brown and smells like dough

-add in a clove of pressed garlic stir for about 30 secs

-add 1c of Beef broth and stir together (it will look like its goopy but dont panic) Quickly add next 4 ingreds.

-add 1/4c  + 2tbsp of  ketchup

-add 1Tsp of dijon mustard( i like Maillard)

-add 2Tbsp Worchester sauce

-add 1 more cup of Beef broth and 2c of Beef stock

stir together and bring to simmer, reduce heat and let cook for about 15 min.

-add salt and pepper as desired

Pour over cocktail pasties(recipe posted) or potatoes, fries, EVERYTHING

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