Hot Kiss Martini (DANGEROUS!)

Love martinis and I wanted one for the holidays that wasn’t the traditional “pumpkin pie” or apple cider based.  I LOVE anything hot and spicy.! But I wanted it sweet enough to drink but not too sweet that you couldn’t enjoy more than one.  Because really, who in the hell has just ONE cocktail during the holidays.  Ok so I got a little sassy. You can make it hotter by adding more of the serrano simple syrup.  So here we gooooooooooooo…….

You will need: cocktail shaker, vodka, lime juice, serrano simple syrup (recipe below) Ocean Spray Cherry juice, rimming sugar and a lime.

-add 2 oz of vodka, 1 oz of serrano syrup, 2 oz of Cherry juice and a splash of lime juice into cocktail shaker with lots of ice

-Shake the HELL out of it!

-run lime around rim of glass and turn it in the sugar

-Pour and float 2 thin serrano peppers on top


Serrano Simple Syrup:

Bring 2 1/2cups of water and 3 thinly sliced serrano peppers to a boil, reduce and simmer for 20min. Strain. Pour back in pan and over LOW heat add 1/4 cup sugar at a time until your desired taste.  I don’t like it too sweet so I maybe used 1 cup.


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