Margarita!!!! Not the drink you boozers…..PIZZA!

I have become a huge fan of making pizzas.  Its so simple and you can put anything you want on them.  Sometimes I even put Sauerkraut! Yup and its deeeeeeelicious (just ask my guests).  Anyway.  Here is a very easy very YUMMY pizza.  Margarita pizza.  Now you can slave away making your own dough but I don’t.  TRADER JOES has an amazing already made pizza dough that you just need to roll out.  Also I use their pizza sauce as a base.  EASY PEESY!  Here we go.

Go buy any roll out pizza dough(actual dough, not that crappy shit in a tube) and your favorite sauce. Also FRESH BASIL, very important.

-Roll out your dough (use a little cornmeal or flour) put in on your baking sheet and take a fork and pierce bottom all over.

-Bake at 425 for about 8 minutes (do NOT brown it) just bake it a little until its firm

-Mix your pizza sauce (however saucy you like it…..I like it SAUCY!) and add 3TBLSP of hot sauce (Cholula, Red Hot etc) I add a little fennel seed and cracked black pepper

-Spread over partially cooked crust

-Thinly slice FRESH mozzarella, you can buy at any store (DO NOT SMASH, just use a sharp knife and slice THIN circles)

-Thinly slice 2 regular tomatoes

-Tear off 8-10 Basil leaves roll them like a cigar and then thinly slice it.

-Spread mozzarella, tomatoes onto pizza and sprinkle basil over top. (If you want a little more cheese add some shredded bag mozzarella)

-Bake at 425 for about 10 min or until crust gets brown.


margpizza1 margpizza2 margpizza3 margpizza4 margpizza5



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