Shrimp Cocktail (not just an appetizer)

We have had this tradition in my family since we were little.  Shrimp cocktail, and not as an appetizer.  My mom would serve it with dinner and for some reason it just went really well with all the traditional food.  I love love love cocktail sauce and lemons so this is so fun for me  to make.  You can make it for any dinner really, I put it in gorgeous little square glass bowls next to your dinner plate.  Here we go:

-Boil a pound and a half of big gulf shrimp shells on

-Remove shells and cut into chunks

-Thinly slice up an entire stalk of celery (about 2 cups)

-Thinly slice 3/4 cup of green onions

-Zest one lemon

-add EVERYTHING into a glass bowl, squeeze an entire lemon in

-add 1 1/2 jars of prefered cocktail sauce.

-Mix thoroughly and refrigerate.  Serve COLD.


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