Spicy-sticky Chicken……oh yessss!

Anyone that knows me well, knows that I love the spice!  The hotter the food the better, I mean make your eyes and nose water spicy.  I grabbed lunch today at Pei Wei in Beverly Hills because their menu said they had spicy caramel chicken…..yes spicy…caramel..chicken. YAHTZEE!  Yeah? NO!  I was so disappointed. I ask the guy to make it as hot as they could and I even got extra chili paste to go. It wasn’t hot but more disappointing was fried & just too oily. So I came home and said Im recreating it my way and I want it a little sticky. Soooooo all you brave naughty little devils out there, go get spicy and sticky in the kitchen! xo

-cut 2-3 lbs of boneless skinless chicken breast into pieces

-in a little saucepan add:

-1/4c low sodium soy sauce

-3 Tblsp brown sugar

-1Tblsp honey

-2Tblsp Siracha

-2 garlic gloves pressed

-1Tblsp of Red Pepper flakes (less if desired)

-a little shake of cayenne pepper

let it reduce over med-low heat and swirl pan from time to time (about 7 min)

-brown chicken in pan in a LITTLE  olive oil, (drain on paper towel if desired)

-when sauce is sticky pour into chicken to desired goopyness (yes that a word)

SERVE! I did a California lean serving with just avocado and sliced pineapple.

**You can always julienne some red and green peppers, onion and serve over rice.

spicy-sticky chix1 spicy-sticky chix2 spicy-sticky chix3 spicy-sticky chix4 spicy-sticky chix5 spicy-sticky chix6 spicy-sticky chix7

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