STUFF you! (Delish Thanksgiving Stuffing)

If there was one thing my mother did to perfection it was Thanksgiving Stuffing.  Growing up a full blooded Irish girl, our house was always, real butter, real sugar, meat and potatoes. This recipe looks like it has a lot of butter but it literally will feed 18 people.  Its so good I always make it the night before Thanksgiving.  I bake it day of (this way I can sample it all night long) :)But you can make it morning of as well. Ok get to it:

-add 4 regular cans of chicken broth to a very big pot

– add 3 sticks of butter (4 if you realllllllly want it buttery)

-add 2 chopped yellow onions and 1 entire stalk of celery chopped (about 2 cups)

-let simmer until the celery and onions become soft

-rough chop 2 cans of sliced water chestnuts as well as 2 tblsp of fresh sage, add both to broth

-add a small palmful of fine herbs

-add about 6 shakes of garlic salt and fresh ground pepper

-add 2 12oz bags  plus 2 cups of Pepperidge Farm CUBED stuffing

-stir in slowly until it looks wet but not soupy.

-pour into baking dish (refrigerate overnight if making night before)

-Bake at 350 for 45 min.


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